Friday, July 11, 2008

Agarwood Oil

'Essential Oils Company' Have more then 40 years Experience in Manufacturing Essential oil.
Hear we describe about our most rare products called Agar wood oil.
Agar wood oil also called by Oudh oil in gulf (Middle East).
And also we can say Aloes wood, Eaglewood, Gaharu oil, Aquilaria oil.
Our Production:
We are having a Personal Agar wood oil-manufacturing factory in Assam (India).
We Collect row material form wild Wally for made this oil in Assam & others places in East India.
We are chooses only wild tree, old more then 25 years old for production our products, So our products have the original Smell of nature oil.
We used old method for production, so qualities of our products are really appreciated.
Agar wood oil has only two grades. Grades are come from only distillation period.

1. Double Supper Grade
After progress two/three days (Distillation), We find Double Supper Grade oil, Kadra Attar call in India. Its Smell is so precious.

2. Supper Grade
After Progress twelve/fifteen days (Distillation), We find Supper Grade oil,
Padra Attar called in India.

Here are also we want to share a different types Agar wood oil.
Agar wood oil-Boya is also called by name Kunda. It is Obtain by raw wood of Agar wood.
Its Smell is different from both above Grades & always like a paste.

Nature of Agar wood oil:
Agar wood oil Nature (Affect) is hot.
Pure Agar wood oil are become freezing at 22°C & become oil in 40°C (India Normal Temperature)

Analysis Specifications:
Botanical name: Aquilaria agallocha
Appearance: brown semi solid
Odor: Aromatic sweet-spicy fresh

Uses of Agar wood oil:
Agar wood oil are best for medicinal & Cosmetics uses. Mostly in Middle East Country are used this oil as a perfumes. It is also so good for skin. Agar wood oil Nature is hot, so also used in increasing Sexual power.

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