Friday, July 11, 2008

Rose Oil

Rosa Damascena is widely cultivated in India , Bulgaria & China & for Rosa Centifolia country France & Egypt work very well. In India a city named ‘Hassain’ (Near about district Aligarh ) has India ’s largest cultivation of Rosa Damascena. At that place RK have a unit for distillation of Rose oil, we get here lowest price of flower, so we able to large production in reasonable prime cost & also can offer reasonable price to our buyers.

Rosa Damascena Distillation

In the Morning rose are picked by women & children. From the field, rose to be brought to the distillery there we boiled Rosa Damascena flower in retort (copper big pot) with clear water, once the rose petals are loaded into the retort, distillation is ready to begin. Then rose oil & water are vaporized & Collect in different small retort as a steam through the coil (Condenser), where they condense back to liquid by cold Atmospheres. After distillation the holy Rose Essential oil come on top of retort, and then we separate oil via help of filter. And water can be collect for next distillation.

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